The Program

VPoints is a corporate incentive program that allows employers to reward employees with points redeemable for merchandise.

Traditionally, a cash bonus or gift certificate is given to the employee, but VPoints work better because they have a higher perceived value and motive the employee even more with an item of their choice, not the employer's.

Employees and employers across the country are ecstatic with their VPoints because of the large range of high quality products they have to choose from. Categories range from candles to prime rib to home theatres.

Simply put, everyone benefits in the giving and receiving of VPoints. 

The Difference

We have reengineered the concept of a rewards program to make sure it is mutually beneficial for employees and employers.

Employees love the range of rewards and employers love the value.

In fact, all of our employers have reported a decrease in their incentive budget after moving to the VPoints program.

Getting Started

imageThe links above will guide through the VPoints program.

You will find services and information designed for both employers and employees so browse around and explore why VPoints is so successful.

If you would prefer to get right to the point and talk to a representative about the program, we would be delighted to hear from you. Simply contact us, we’re here to help.

Our staff is courteous, kind and above all respectful so you’ll never feel pressured or hurried.

Should I give...

Research has shown that cash is a poor motivator due to its lack of "trophy value."

Pay for performance often gives only short term gains, frequently gives no gains at all, and may give reduced performance.

Merchandise Rewards...
(VPoints includes this)

In a 2005 study conducted by the Center for Concept Development, 73% of respondents agreed that more stimulating, memorable incentive programs can be built around merchandise as opposed to cash rewards.


Branded merchandise rewards have high trophy value, bringing greater recognition to the recipient at the time of the award and possessing a long-term lasting effect that can result in increased engagement in the organizations goals.

Non-Monetary Rewards...
(VPoints includes this)

Non-monetary incentives may include flexible work hours, payroll or premium contributions, training, health savings or reimbursement accounts, or even paid sabbaticals.


These award types are available in the VPoints program - rarely seen elsewhere, our custom award page gives you the upper edge.